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Now a lot more than just arches…but we all started somewhere right?!

With arch in a box, you can compile a complete package of events decor for your special event by choosing your favourite items, we will then come along on the morning of your wedding, style these items and place them in your perfect spots.


All our decor is made in house, in the Midlands, nothing is shipped in!

White Beige Modern Product Guide Home Furniture Catalogue A4 Document (210 × 210mm) (2).pn




Why does planning an event have to be so stressful and in a lot of cases it can ruin the excitement of the countdown to your big day?



to stress free decor

Hassle free experience is what we’re all about. That’s why we at Arch in a Box we have designed a catalogue of items with clear pricing on them, clear colour choices and we have even made you a downloadable calculator so you know exactly how much you'll be quoted!


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