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How long can I keep the box for?
Ready to play pass-the-box? It's yours for a whole week! And hey, if you're jetting off somewhere fabulous, don't worry, we can arrange a cheeky little fee to keep the box company on its travels.

What if I don’t need all the bits in the box?
Our package is like a treasure chest - even if you don't need everything inside, we've got a few tricks up our sleeve. With a handy tips and tricks sheet included, you'll discover all the clever ways you can use our items throughout your venue. So, let's get creative!

How big is the box? Will it go in my car?
Ready to roll with these awesome box dimensions: 117cm x 54cm x 51cm! It's a perfect fit for most vehicles, but if you're driving a compact ride, you may need to pop that back seat down. Easy-peasy!

How does payment work?
To lock down your treasure trove, you just need to pay a deposit of £250. One month before your big day, we'll ask for another £500. And when you return the box, we'll send you £250 back, provided all the items are safe and sound.

Can I pick the colours for the flowers?
Oh yeah! Check out our catalogue and inventory section, and you'll spot a fab selection of colour combos to choose from. Just give us a shout and we'll sprinkle these blooms into your displays pronto!

Can I pick the colours for the napkins and runners?
Oh, absolutely! Pop over to our website and feast your eyes on our rainbow of color options. And here's a fun twist: if you feel like spicing it up, mix and match different colors between the napkins and runner.


Where and when do I collect my box?

Gearing up for your big day and need a box of goodies? Our booking form will want to know when you're tying the knot, but here's a top tip: use that space to jot down the date you plan to pick up your box instead. Remember, you've got a whole glorious week to enjoy the contents, so choose a date that suits your schedule like a glove!

Will I need to supply batteries or any tools?

Our dedicated crew will give everything the once-over before the voyage, double-checking that every LED candle is shining bright. We recommend keeping extra batteries handy, just in case, although they usually run like a charm! Don't worry, we'll include all the juicy battery info in your tips and tricks package inside your box.

Can I drive my box abroad?

Your box, your rules! Rumour has it that our boxes are the ultimate globetrotters, and guess what - no visa required!

What happens if I lose or damage items?

Let's hope for the best, but if items get a little boo-boo, there might be a teeny charge. We get it, weddings are meant to be wild! If you happen to misplace something, no worries, we're here to help. There may be a small fee involved, but we'll make sure it's fair and square, and close to the catalogue prices.

Can I swap items for other things in the catalogue?

Sorry, we can't swap or switch items, but hey, why not add some extra goodies to your cart if possible? Just remember, there's a limit to how much we can squeeze into the box, so we might have to call in reinforcements. For the full scoop of prices, check out our catalogue. And listen up, we've got a sweet deal for you - we're skipping the styling service, but we can still offer a small discount on some items! Plus, don't forget to check out our favours and confetti - they're the cherry on top of any celebration!

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Wooden Arch

Welcome to the world of arches! Our two star players are the hexagon arch and the A-line arch - both come with triple swags that you attach with the zip ties we provide. Ready to assemble and bolt together, these arches are so easy to put together! And, if you want to dress them up even more, we can throw in some drapes - just say the word! These arches are between 2m-2.2m in height.

LED aisle candles

Get ready to light up your aisle with our LED candles! These bad boys are made from actual wax, giving you all the beauty of traditional candles without the hassle of a fiery dress disaster. Place them in a row for maximum aisle style! And when the ceremony's over, don't pack up those LEDs just yet! Move them over to the bar or your breakfast room for some extra shine. These candles are versatile and ready for any wedding adventure!

Chair Swags

Behold! We've got 10 chair swags to hang like a boss on your aisle chairs, and we're throwing in some zip ties to boot! These babies come decked out in your favourite floral hues, ready to seamlessly blend with your arch decorations.

Large Table Swag

Impress your guests with our amazing swag that doubles as a signing table centerpiece and a top table decoration. Bursting with the same stunning blooms you've picked for your wedding, it's the ultimate floral accessory to add that extra oomph to your big day! This is around 70cm in length.

Cheesecloth Napkins

Get ready to spice up your guests' tables with a hundred dazzling napkins in your chosen hue! These little beauties will add that much-needed burst of colour and texture to their place settings. But wait, there's still room for the classic white napkin (usually provided by the venue) to bring that timeless touch of elegance.

Easels and Swags

You don't want to be caught holding up your seating plan and welcome sign like a lost traveller in the airport! So, we're stepping in to save the day with 2 fancy easels and 2 unique swags, all decked out with gorgeous florals in the colour you choose. Just attach the swags to the easels with a zip tie, and voila! You're all set to welcome your guests with style.

Lowscape Centrepieces

Our floral wreath centrepieces are the true MVPs of table decor; they're bold enough to make a statement but won't steal the show and block anyone's view. Packed with mixed foliage and flowers that match your colour scheme, these babies create the ultimate harmony! Plus, there's a sweet little spot in the middle, just waiting for some flickering candles to complete the ambience. These have a diameter of 30-40cm.

LED Candle Sticks

Wanna add a touch of sparkle to your table decor? Our LED candles are a match made in heaven with our glitzy gold holders. In each set, you get three candles in different heights, ready to jazz up your centrepieces. Perfectly designed to blend with your lowscape centrepiece wreaths, it's time to light up the room!

Cheesecloth Runners

Get ready to add some serious class to your soirée with 10 cheesecloth runners in your chosen color scheme! These beauties are 3-4 meters long and they drape ever so elegantly on each side of your 7ft banquet table. Trust us, your guests will be impressed!

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